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Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Award: Full cost of studying at Cambridge, maintenance cost (i.e. stipend) of £17,500 for 12 months and airfare to and from Cambridge for a PhD (three year), or a one- or two-year Masters' program. Additional discretionary funds may be requested for special circumstances.

Number of awards: 90-110 (~40% from US each year)


  • Round 1 - early October (if you normally live in the US);

  • Round 2 - early December (if you normally live outside the US)

Applications open early September

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Resident of any country other than the United Kingdom
  • B.A. with honors and additional post-graduate study
  • 3 references (2 academic, 1 personal)
  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership Potential
  • Commitment to improving the lives of others
  • Good academic fit with Cambridge
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Apply to Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship does not require a University Endorsement. To apply to the Scholarship review the scholarship requirements and apply on the website.

Gates Cambridge Website

Contact Information

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Contact: Sophia Tsai Neri, PhD


Phone: 858-534-9014

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