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Why should I consider publishing?

Publishing your research as an undergraduate may feel difficult and scary. But is is also exciting and inspiring! We encourage you to consider submitting an article for publication. The experience of writing an article and having a publication provides many benefits such as the those listed below.

  • Improve your writing, research, and analytical skills
  • Experience the peer-reviewed publication process
  • Share your findings with the academic community
  • Share your findings with the public
  • A publication for your resume/CV

How do I write/submit an article?

Each field and journal will have different standards of practice and criteria on content such as sections, page length, formatting, etc. We encourage you to talk with your mentor/PI about your interest in publishing to give guidance that is appropriate for your field. Also, remember to look at journal submission requirements before starting your manuscript.

Where can I publish?

UC San Diego undergraduate research journals

catalyst journal logoThe Catalyst - "The Catalyst, founded summer of 2021, is an inclusive journal at UCSD which aims to empower the voices of students who have a passion for conducting research. We welcome any and all students who are interested in publishing their work, and we are dedicated to fostering a diverse community of interdisciplinary scholarship." - The Catalyst Website


Challenger - "The Challenger aims to further the access and representation of underrepresented students by giving URH Scholars at UC San Diego the opportunity to publish and share their research. The Challenger attempts to promote scholarly research with diverse perspectives across multiple fields of study, and provide a platform for scholars of all backgrounds to express their unique lens of viewing societal problems to bring positive impacts to the community." - Challenger Website


Saltman Quarterly LogoThe Saltman Quarterly - "Saltman Quarterly (SQ), founded at the University of California, San Diego in 2004, is the university’s award-winning undergraduate biological sciences communication program." - Saltman Quarterly Website


The Climate Change Review logoThe Climate Change Review - "We are a student-led publication dedicated to climate change. Since the fall of 2020, we've reached across disciplines to provide our unique takes on the climate crisis - how to talk about, think about it, mitigate it, adapt to it, and communicate it. We provide a voice for undergraduate students across the University of California system. We talk impacts, and we talk solutions. We critically assess and creatively speculate. This is The Climate Change Review." - The Climate Change Review Website

National undergraduate research journals

Similar to the Challenger and the Saltman Quarterly, there are many undergraduate research journals across the country. A list of those journals are provided by the Council of Undergraduate Research.

Academic journals

In addition to journals specifically for undergraduate student publications, there are many academic journals in all fields and sub specialities that you may be able to publish in as a co-author with your PI/mentor. There are no comprehensive lists online of all academic journals, but there are many ways to find journals in your field(s).

  • Ask your PI, mentors, professors, graduate students, etc.
  • Go to the associations website's of your field (e.g. American Sociological Association, The American Society for Cell Biology). They often publish many journals.
  • Look at the literature you are reading. What journals are those articles published in?
  • Search your field using the library's database
  • Google your field "X academic journals"
  • Visit the library and speak with the librarians