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Undergraduate Research Student Profiles


Get inspired! Read about UC San Diego students who are participating (or have participated) in URH programs, and are doing amazing things.

Mariel Micael Headshot

Mariel Micael

STARTneuro student Mariel Micael has been investigating how the astrocyte secretome is altered in Alzheimer’s Disease. Click below to learn more about Mariel's research, future plans, and advice for students.

Meet Mariel Micael

Katya Marchetti

Katya Marchetti, a URS and TRELS scholar, studied Erythroblast Transformation Specific (ETS) genes. This fall, Katya will be starting a PhD at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute. Click below to learn more about Katya's research experiences.

Meet Katya Marchetti

Katya Marchetti

Elizabeth Ingram

URS Scholar Elizabeth Ingram came to UC San Diego to advocate for people with disabilities through studies. Click below to read more about Elizabeth and her research!

Meet Elizabeth Ingram

Miles Corley

TRELS and URS scholar Miles Corley is characterizing new host-virus arms races between host proteins and viral proteases using virology, immunology, and protein biochemistry. He is headed to the University of Washington this fall to start a PhD in microbiology! Click below to learn about Miles and his research experiences.

Meet Miles Corley

Miles Corley Spotlight
Noura Mohamed photo

Noura Mohamed

Noura participated in FMP and TRELS. Her research focuses how β-hydroxybutyrate, the major metabolite in the ketogenic diet, protects against epileptic pathology. Click below to learn about Noura and her research experiences.

Meet Noura Mohamed

Malia Henry

Malia Henry was an Undergraduate Research Scholarship recipient who researched cultural awareness within higher education. Click below to meet Malia and learn more about her research journey.

Meet Malia Henry

Jesse Garcia de Alva photo

Jesse Garcia de Alva

Jesse Garcia de Alva has participated in CAMP, TRELS, and McNair. He has conducted research on developing diagnostic tools for identifying various swallow disorders. Jesse will be heading to MIT this fall to start graduate studies in mechanical engineering. Click below to learn more

Meet Jesse Garcia de Alva

Past Spotlights

Learn about students featured students conducting undergraduate research at UC San Diego.

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