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Undergraduate Research Student Profiles


Get inspired! Read about UC San Diego students who are participating (or have participated) in undergraduate research and are doing amazing things.

Pansee Elghayati

STARTneuro scholar, Pansee Elghayati, has been researching sexual dimorphic behaviors at the Stowers Lab in Scripps Research. She recently presented her research at SACNAS, a national conference, and won an award! Click below to learn more about her experiences.

Meet Pansee

Pansee Elghayati profile picture

Merlin and Emma

As part of the 2023 ECE SRIP, computer science students, Merlin and Emma, researched ways to improve the efficiency and communication of makerspaces at UCSD. Click below to learn about their experience in this valuable and collaborative research program.

Meet Merlin and Emma

Alyson Otañez

RSRI and TRELS alumna Alyson Otañez has been researching the effects of warehousing on the Inland Empire. Her experiences have shown her that research isn't just lab work. Click below to learn more about Alyson and her research experiences.

Meet Alyson

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Bernice in a science lab

Bernice Lozada

During Bernice Lozada's research career at UC San Diego, so far, she has been a part of the RSRI and FMP. Her research focuses on nanomedicine. Click below to learn more about Bernice's research experiences and aspirations!

Meet Bernice

Matthew Uzelac

Triple URH alum Matthew Uzelac won the Goldwater Scholarship which provides up to $7,500 to sophomores and juniors to support their research project. Click below to learn more about Matthew's experience with applying for this scholarship and his experiences with oncology-based research in the Genentech, URS, and TRELS programs.

Meet Matthew

Matthew in the lab
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Alexandra Garcia

In 2023, Alexandra was part of the McNair Scholars Program. Throughout the program, she conducted neuroscience research on social isolation. Click below to learn more about Alexandra's experiences with research and the McNair Program.

Meet Alexandra

Past Spotlights

Learn about students featured students conducting undergraduate research at UC San Diego.

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