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Prestigious Scholarships


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The database below has 22+ rows and 7+ columns, so be sure to scroll right / down as needed. The database is searchable and filterable to help you find scholarships that suit your needs. 

Want to read all the details about one scholarship? 

If you want to focus on reading all of the details known about one scholarship, hover over the scholarship and then click on the blue circle arrows in the top left corner of the cell (see picture below). This will expand the scholarship open and show you all of the details about that scholarship. 


Want a larger version? 

If you want to view a larger version, click the "view larger version" in the lower right corner of the table or you can view larger version here.

On phone? 

This page and database is best viewed on a computer, but if you are viewing this page on a phone and click "view larger version", you will see a mobile version of the list. To view the filterable and searchable desktop version, follow these directions:

  • Android: Click on the three dots in a vertical line at the top right corner of the browser. Scroll down and mark "Desktop Site". 
  • iOS: Click on box with arrow pointing up at the top right corner of the browser. Scroll down and mark "Desktop Site/Request Desktop Site."

NCS Winners

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Campus representatives each spoke about prestigious scholarships that they can help you apply for. Learn what scholarships have upcoming deadlines in the Fall and how to set yourself up for success!

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