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Outstanding Mentor Awards

Faculty mentors are imperative to undergraduate research experiences. You help motivate, inspire, teach, and mold students' research interests and futures. Below is information about URH and CUR mentoring awards.


UR_Design_Icon_Color_transparency.pngURH Outstanding Mentor Award - Honorees are selected from the nominations based on a combination of factors, including;student testimonials, innovative or unusual mentoring practices, and other considerations,such as mentees served and years of service as a mentor to undergraduates. Students from the TRELS, McNair, and Faculty Mentor Programs are sent information on how to nominate their mentors for the award. | Previous Outstanding Mentor Award winners.


UC San Diego is an Enhanced Institutional Member of the Council of Undergraduate Research. Mentors can apply for their free membership.


cur logoCUR Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Awards - "The Council on Undergraduate Research's Arts and Humanities Faculty Mentor Award recognizes exemplary faculty mentors of undergraduate researchers in the arts and humanities fields. Mentors are leaders and role models for those involved in undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activities." - CUR | Award information and application.


cur logoCUR Biology Mentor Awards - "The CUR Biology Division Mentor Awards honor biology mentors for their sustained efforts in supervising undergraduate research (UGR) students. Individuals may either be self-nominated or nominated by someone else. Nominators must be CUR Institutional/Institutional-Enhanced members or individual CUR members of the Biology Division. Nominations by the mentor's research students are also accepted. Faculty mentoring interdisciplinary projects are eligible as long as such projects involve a major biological component. Awards will be made in three categories: Early Career, Mid-Career, and Advanced Career. " - CUR | Award information and application.


cur logoCUR Geosciences Faculty Mentor Award - "CUR's Geoscience Division (GeoCUR)annually recognizes an individual who serves as a role model for productive and transformative student-faculty mentoring relationships and for maintaining a sustained and innovative approach to the enterprise of undergraduate research. Evidence of transformative student-faculty mentoring relationships include: leadership in fostering and sustaining the undergraduate research enterprise, student-mentor collaborations culminating in presentations at national or regional meetings and/or publication with student co-authors in peer-reviewed journals, and innovative approaches to involving undergraduates in research experiences incorporating research activities into the classroom and service learning." - CUR | Award information and application.


cur logoCUR Goldwater Scholars Faculty Mentor Award - "The Council on Undergraduate Research has partnered with the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation (BGSF) Program (hereafter Goldwater Scholars Program) to present the CUR-Goldwater Scholars Faculty Mentor Award, which recognizes faculty mentors who conduct their research in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) discipline, as defined by the Goldwater Scholars program. Mentors must have mentored a minimum of three Goldwater Scholars during their career." - CUR | Award information and application.


cur logoCUR Health Sciences Innovative Mentor Award - "The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Health Sciences Division offers the Innovative Mentor Award to honor exceptional higher education mentors across all health sciences subdivisions. This award is for mentors but not for classroom teaching. Mentors are leaders and role models for undergraduate research, scholarship, creative activities, or innovative projects. Health science disciplines focus on the core curriculum of health, wellness, disease, health care, or health management. In addition to traditionally considered health science disciplines, kinesiology, counseling, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology are also considered part of health sciences." - CUR | Award information and application.


cur logoCUR Mathematical, Computing + Statistical Sciences Mentor Award - "The Mathematical, Computing, and Statistical Sciences Division of CUR is pleased to announce three awards to honor mentors for their success in mentoring undergraduate students in research. Faculty mentoring interdisciplinary projects are encouraged to apply as long as those projects involve a major mathematics, computer science, or statistics component." - CUR | Award information and application.


cur logo CUR Silvia Ronco Innovative Mentor Award - "The Silvia Ronco Innovative Mentor Award was established to recognize original and insightful research work by a young investigator working with undergraduates that has had significant impact in chemistry and the STEM careers of students involved." - CUR | Award information and application.



cur logoCUR Social Sciences Outsanding Mentor Award - "Each year, the CUR Social Sciences Division awards a competitive Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research in the Social Sciences (EMURSS) award. This award recognizes an outstanding mentor of undergraduate research in the social sciences who supports, encourages, and promotes a positive and inclusive scholarly and teaching environment for undergraduate students, as well as contributes to professional and personal development of students inside and outside of the classroom." - CUR | Award information and application.