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Research Programs

The Undergraduate Research Hub offers UC San Diego undergraduates the opportunity to obtain valuable research-oriented academic or professional preparation in virtually any academic major including science, math, engineering, social sciences and the arts and humanities.

Explore these program sites to learn more about student research programs that can help support students conducting research with scholarships, college credit and professional development opportunities

URH Programs at a Glance (PDF) - This document provides a brief overview of all programs to help you quickly identify which programs may suit your needs and that you want to explore further. 

  • CAMP


    The California Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CAMP) in Science, Engineering and Mathematics is a UC-wide program that provides support and a summer research program for ethnically underrepresented students majoring in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and technology.


    EMPOWER Scholars are transfer engineering students who meet program eligibility requirements and are driven to take major strides toward their engineering careers by utilizing scholarship, mentorship, and academic resources provided to them.
  • Faculty Mentor Program

    Faculty Mentor Program

    The Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) allows students with at least sophomore standing (45+ units) to work as a research assistants to a UC San Diego faculty member for at least 10 hours per week during the academic year; participate in a research project; receive 4 units of independent study credit each quarter; and present their research at the annual Faculty Mentor Program Research Symposium at the end of the academic year.
  • Genentech Scholars Program

    Genentech Scholars Program

    The Genentech Scholars Program is a 10-week, full-time summer research experience for undergraduates in the life sciences and biotechnology fields, supported by the Genentech Foundation.
  • The Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP)

    The Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP)

    The Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) allows a participating student to conduct research that relates to the student’s area of study, career objective, or the exploration of career objectives. Research is not limited to scientific research and can take place outside of an academic discipline.
  • The McNair Program

    The McNair Program

    The McNair Program is a federal TRIO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide low-income, first generation college students, and students from groups underrepresented in graduate education, with doctoral study preparation. McNair students in the program will conduct research starting the winter quarter through the summer.
  • The Summer Research Program (SRP)

    The Summer Research Program (SRP)

    The Summer Research Program (SRP) equips students with the skills to become research scholars, encourage students' pursuit of graduate study, and increase graduate school enrollment among underrepresented, low-income, and first-generation college students. SRP consists of a group of research programs that provide students with professional development opportunities and support.
  • STARTneuro


    STARTneuro is a competitive program that trains, mentors, and funds diverse incoming transfer students as they enter neuroscience research. 


    Triton Research and Experiential Learning Scholars (TRELS) are awarded $1,000 for work on their project in the quarter in which they are awarded (winter or spring). You'll use the funds for research, guided artistic or creative projects, or public service opportunities, under the guidance of a UC San Diego faculty member. There is also a summer research program option that provides a $5000 stipend.

  • UC Scholars

    UC Scholars

    The UC Scholars Program is an 8-week, full-time summer research experience for undergraduates, supported by UC San Diego's Office of Student Affairs and the Undergraduate Research Hub.
  • Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS)

    Undergraduate Research Scholarships (URS)

    In UC San Diego's Undergraduate Research Scholarship (URS) program, several different donor-funded scholarships are available across multiple research areas. Undergraduate students use the funds for a research project to be completed over the summer under the guidance of a UC San Diego faculty mentor.