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Elizabeth Ingram FaceI AM A RESEARCHER

Elizabeth Ingram

Major:  Sociology with Law and Society Focus

College: Thurgood Marshall

Year at UC San Diego: 4th year (transfer student)

URH Program: URS (Summer 2021)

What are you researching (or did you do in the past)?  My area of research for the SRP 2021 was the use of inclusive language in bias reporting mechanisms and how it results in a better user experience for disabled and other underrepresented students. My latest work involves the study of the inherent universality and indivisibility of human rights through the lens of social justice and the rights of the disabled.

Why and how did you decide to get involved in undergraduate research? I came to UCSD specifically to learn current methods of sociological research, and to apply that knowledge to advocate for people with disabilities through studies, writing, and art.

What has been the most exciting/interesting thing you've discovered through your research?  The most interesting pattern has been that although people are aware of the disabled, how little they understand of the rights of the disabled, or the laws protecting their human and civil rights.

What are your future plans/goals? I hope to attend graduate school and to further study Western socio-economic policies and their effects on universal human rights.

What advice would you give to students starting into research work?  Work with your college and university to create more interdisciplinary mentoring and advisory opportunities for students of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Anything else you want to share?  I am an honors student as well as a recipient of TMC Provost Honors. I was awarded the Chancellor's Research Scholarship for Social Sciences for the UCSD 2021 Summer Research Program.  I am proud to be one of three founding members of DUSC:  Disabled United Student Community at UCSD, started to celebrate, educate, and develop a better understanding of the inclusive and intersectional culture of disability and its central role in the quest for social justice.  I sincerely hope that UCSD, with its honorable ideals of fiat lux and diversity, will revisit its policies surrounding accessibility and create more opportunities for physical as well as social mobility for underrepresented students on campus. Listen to and include students with disabilities in policy and decision making for the equitable disbursement of program funding. Students should not have to hide their disabilities to be included on a diverse and inclusive campus. Please increase opportunities to include students with disabilities in the daily culture of the university through even small design changes to the Triton web interface. Rethink CAPS and CARE programs and outreach. Students with disabilities are here on campus, available, and willing to help. Break the silence and ask.