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Goldwater Scholarship

Award: up to $7,500 first prize. Engineering, natural sciences, or mathematics major.

Number of awards: ~400 nationally (up to 4 nominees plus 1 transfer student from each university)


UC San Diego deadline to be considered for nomination: typically mid-January. Next deadline: January 14, 2022

Agency deadline for nomination submission: last Friday in January, 5:00 PM Central Time.




Sophomore or junior, minimum 3.0 GPA (3.8+ preferred)

Intend to pursue a research career in natural sciences, mathematics or engineering (as defined by the National Science Foundation)

US citizen, US national, or permanent resident with intent to become a US citizen

Three Faculty/PI recommendation letters

Research essay (project proposal), up to 3 pages

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Apply to Goldwater Scholarship

The Goldwater Scholarship requires an endorsement from the UC San Diego Institutional Advisor. It is recommended that applicants review the requirements and meet with the institutional advisor before applying. Please contact URH staff member, Dr. Sophia Tsai, for more information about applying to this scholarship (see contact info below).

Pre-apply to Goldwater

Dora Ogbonna

Dora Ogbonna is a sophmore in Warren College and was recently awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship. She has been involved in several AEP programs and focuses her research in drug delivery.

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UC San Diego student Dora Ogbonna

Contact Information



Contact: Dr. Sophia Tsai
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