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Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships

Award: $24,000 stipend/year for 3 years, plus travel to attend one Ford conference

Number of awards: 70


Agency Deadline: (Applications open in early September.)

  • The Predoctoral application deadline is mid-December at 5:00 PM EST. 
  • Supplementary Materials receipt deadline is early January at 5:00 PM EST. 
Other awards through the Ford Foundation:
  • The Dissertation and Postdoctoral application deadline is early December at 5:00 PM EST.
  • Supplementary Materials receipt deadline is early January at 5:00 PM EST. 


Citizen, national, or permanent resident of the US; or granted DACA status

Enrolled or planning to enroll in research-based Ph.D. or Sc.D. program in the US

At least 3 more years to complete a doctoral degree, and at least 1 full year of doctoral coursework remaining


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Apply to Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships

The Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships does not require a University Endorsement, however, it is recommended that students interested in applying contact Michelle Monroy (contact info below) for additional information. To apply to the Fellowship review the scholarship requirements and apply on the website.

Ford Website

Contact Information

Contact: Michelle Monroy, Graduate Fellowship Advisor

Phone:  (858) 822-2938

Michelle Monroy advises on the Fulbright Scholarship, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Ford Foundation Fellowship

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Submitting a Grad Advisor Ticket