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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a competitive applicant for STARTneuro?

Are you motivated to participate in a selective and rigorous neuroscience training program? Would you like to engage in a community of scholars who are enthusiastic about neuroscience? Do you want to get paid? if so, yes!

Can I participate in other structured research programs alongside STARTneuro?

STARTneuro includes a full-time summer program as well as 10-15 hours of paid research experience during the school year. If you are a STARTneuro scholar, you cannot participate in any other structured research programs including McNair, TRELS, or the Faculty Mentor Program. STARTneuro scholars are encouraged to participate in other activities such as the OASIS Transfer-to-Career program.

Can I take courses during the STARTneuro summer training program?

The STARTneuro summer program is intended to be a full-time course, packed with hands-on activities, lectures, and projects. Even during our hybrid summer, there won't be much time beyond the STARTneuro program for classes or other work. Please keep in mind that STARTneuro pays a stipend that is equivalent to full-time research work for the duration of the summer program. 

Do I need to be in San Diego for the summer training program?

For Summer 2022, STARTneuro participants need to be in San Diego and be able to participate in person. This may change if COVID-related restrictions are reimposed on the campus community. 

How much funding does STARTneuro provide?

STARTneuro will pay students a research assistant rate for 40 hours a week over the 10-week summer program (~$6,000). Once you find a lab, we can support students at the same rate for up to 15 hours/week (~$2,250/quarter).

Is STARTneuro open to current (already enrolled) transfer students?

STARTneuro is a two-year program with components specifically tailored to new transfer students. Current UC San Diego students are ineligible. 

Are there any courses that I need to complete as a part of the STARTneuro program?

No, STARTneuro does not include any formal coursework.