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Summer Research Program (SRP)

The Summer Research Program (SRP) equips students with the skills to become research scholars, encourage students' pursuit of graduate study, and increase graduate school enrollment among underrepresented, low-income, and first-generation college students.

SRP is made up of 8 programs which are either 8 or 10 weeks long. Each program has a cohort and a Coordinator. While requirements for each program are different, program coordinators work together to create a summer community that brings together students from all the programs. ALL SRP students are paid a stipend!   

Summer Research Opportunities Information Session

Recorded on 12/1/21

SRP Programs 

List of research programs under SRP






Ahmadian Fellowship



No 10 weeks TBD Applications due March 1


Free on-campus or allowance

Yes 10 weeks TBD 2.7 CLOSED
Colors of the Brain - KIBM Scholars Program



No 10 weeks TBD 2.5 Application due 3/17
Genentech Scholars


Free on-campus or allowance

Yes 10 weeks TBD 2.8 CLOSED
McNair $2,800

Free on-campus or allowance

Yes 8 weeks TBD 3.0 CLOSED




$5,000 No No 10 weeks TBD 2.5 CLOSED

UC Scholars


Free on-campus  or allowance

Yes 8 weeks TBD 2.8 CLOSED




No 10 weeks TBD Varies Applications due between 2/28 - 3/8 depending on scholarship


*Each program has additional specific requirements. Look through the programs to ensure you qualify before applying



SRP Requirements

  • Must be enrolled full-time
  • Work at least 30 hours / week with a mentor throughout the 8 or 10 week program
  • Attend SRP Orientation on TBA. 
  • Present their research at the Summer Research Conference in mid-August
  • Be present throughout their entire program
  • Students cannot work or take classes in the summer while in SRP

*Each program has additional specific requirements. Look through the programs to ensure you qualify before applying

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I apply to multiple programs?

A. You can apply to multiple SRP programs but will only be allowed to participate in just one program.

Q. Are there programs available for international students?

A. Yes! Check out the TRELS program, the UC Scholars Program, and the Genentech Scholars Program.

Q. Can I take classes or work during the summer?

A. You cannot take classes or work while participating in the Summer Research Program. Each participant should be conducting 30+ hours of research / week and participating in various seminars and conferences. We provide a stipend so that students can focus on their research while they are in the program.

Summer Research Conference at UC San Diego

The Summer Research Conference (SRC) at UC San Diego is an in-person oral presentation conference open to all undergraduates conducting summertime research in the Southern California region held at the end of week 8 of SRP. 

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