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Undergrad Research Student Stories


Get inspired! Read about UC San Diego students who are participating (or have participated) in UR programs, and are doing amazing things.

Fartoon Hagi-Mohamed

Fartoon is a recent graduate from sixth college with a B.A. in Literature and Writing. Her research in the McNair program centered around memoir writing and its potential use as a tool to alleviate the effects of intergenerational trauma. Fartoon is passionate about writing and conducting research compelling her to strive for a PhD in English, Comparative Literature. 

Meet Fartoon

Noura Mohamed

Noura is a junior majoring in chemistry and biochemistry who participated in the TRELS Summer Program. Her research examines the spatial regulation of glycolytic enzymes on mitochondria.

Meet Noura

Emily Zhang

Celebrate Pi Day by reading about one of our scholars doing research in the field of Mathematics! Find out more about first-year student Emily Zhang's project.

Meet Emily

Joyous Herron

Joyous is a third-year Literature/Creative Writing student who transferred her interests in writing and storytelling to filmography. As an undergraduate, she focuses on exploring many different forms of visual and sonic storytelling techniques as opportunities to learn more about herself and the world around her.

Meet Joyous

Eliana Kontokanis

Eliana is ERC student majoring in Visual Arts and is currently a TRELS scholar. Her research challenges and questions institutions through the mediums of visual arts and self expression. She hopes in the future that she can create critically aware and authentic work as a writer, filmmaker, and performance artist.

Meet Eliana

Xavier Perez

Xavier is a TRELS Scholar who is conducting research on bird song. He hopes that this research will bring us one step closer to restoring the ability to communicate for patients that suffer from neurodegenerative diseases, brain injury or locked-in syndrome. Xavier is passionate about research and wants to pursue a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Meet Xavier

Angela Chapman

Angela is a Muir College student majoring in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology. She is currently conducting research in two labs and hopes to gain a Ph.D. and become a Clinical Neuropsychologist. Angela was a UC Scholars during the 2020 Summer Research Program and is a current McNair scholar!

Meet Angela

Animesh Mohapatra

Animesh was a UC Scholar during the 2020 Summer Research Program. His research aims to increase the effectiveness of various therapies such as drugs and genes by using innovative membrane-coated, biomimetic nanoparticles. Animesh hopes to attain a PhD in the future focusing on nanotherapeutics.

Meet Animesh

Christian Johnson

Christian is a Marshall College senior in the TRELS Program conducting research in innovative theatre. His work seeks to disrupt the conventional ways we engage with theatre not just as performers and artists but also as audience members.

Meet Christian

Nadia Haghani

Nadia has been involved in multiple UR Programs and Conferences. Her research focuses on uncovering how worm microbiomes elicits physiological and behavioral changes in Chalasani Lab at Salk Institute. Nadia hopes to achieve a Ph.D in the future.

Meet Nadia

Phoenix Wang

Phoenix Wang is a senior in Marshall College majoring in Philosophy and Clinical Psychology. She has been mainly focusing her research on utilizing philosophical methods for dealing with pressing issues in social and political spheres. As a TRELS Fall 2020 scholar, she is examining the moral responsibility of criminal psychopaths.

Meet Phoenix

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