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Eliana Kontokanis

 student researcher Eliana


Hi, I'm Eliana!

I'm a 4th Year in Eleanor Roosevelt College majoring in Visual Arts.


Program Participation

Area of Research

Over the summer, I researched visual and performance arts and the influence of religion (specifically Catholicism) on artists in these fields. My current creative project is focused on media and creative writing, with consideration of public health and mental illness issues in higher education. 

IN HER OWN IMAGE (2020) from Eliana Helene Dianda on Vimeo.



Why did you decide to get involved in undergraduate research?

I was first introduced to undergraduate research through ERC 92, or the Sophomore Honors Project. Then, in early 2020, my friend and coworker Khaila encouraged my to apply for a TRELS program. I am so glad I listened to her! As a student, I have always been interested in merging research and art, and I have found the research opportunities at UCSD to be the perfect place to experiment with the merging of these two practices.


What are your future plans?

At the moment, I am pursuing a career as a screenwriter for both television and film. My future goals as a whole are centered on creating critically aware and authentic work as a writer, filmmaker, and performance artist. 

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