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Past Student Spotlights

  • Alberto Castanedo

    Alberto Castanedo

    Alberto is a senior and transfer student conducting research in the area of molecular synthesis. He hopes to get a PhD and inspire students to pursue research careers.

  • Anne Cardenas

    Anne Cardenas

    Anne is a NACME Scholar conducting research in NanoEngineering. She recently won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

  • Arely Vasquez

    Arely Vasquez

    Arely is a 4th year Warren College student. She is using Data Analysis and Data Mining Models to understand what the main variables are that keep high school first-generation students from going to college. Hear how she is perservering through her research this summer.
  • Caesar Aceituno

    Caesar Aceituno

    Caesar is a fourth year and transfer student conducting research in understanding how transfers transition into university life and climate.
  • David Anyakora

    David Anyakora

    David is a Human Biology and Global Health double major committed to inspiring students from his community through an outreach program.

  • Dean Zhou

    Dean Zhou

    Dean is a fourth-year student conducting research in the area of cancer immunology and is focused on understanding the mechanisms of chemoimmunotherapy.

  • Donna Yerat-Rodriguez

    Donna Yerat-Rodriguez

    Donna is an incoming 4th year Revelle College student. She is conducting research in the field of Education Studies and focusing on the 1st generation experience in college. Donna hopes to go to law school and practice immigration law.
  • Dora Ogbonna

    Dora Ogbonna

    Dora Ogbonna is a sophmore in Warren College and was recently awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship. She has been involved in several undergraduate research programs and focuses her research in drug delivery.

  • Elizabeth Peek

    Elizabeth Peek

    Elizabeth is a third-year a part of the Faculty Mentor Program conducting research about the role sleep plays in social cognition and wellbeing for people with psychotic disorders in the Cognitive Dynamics Lab.

  • Eve Xelestiál Moreno-Luz

    Eve Xelestiál Moreno-Luz

    Eve Xelestiál Moreno-Luz was funded through the undergrad research office to conduct research over the summer in Latin America on social movements by transgender artists and activists. They produced a multi-media research report in order to capture their work.

  • Harrison Li

    Harrison Li

    Harrison has been involved in undergrad research programs for several years. He recently won the Churchill Scholarship and will continue to pursue research in computational biology for his Masters.

  • Hope Do

    Hope Do

    Hope is a third year majoring in Microbiology. Her research focuses on cell cycle regulation and microRNA functions in the processes of cell growth and differentiation within the retina. Through her efforts she hopes to find cures for diseases that cause irreversible eye loss.
  • Jehan Ezzulddin

    Jehan Ezzulddin

    Jehan is a third year student conducting research in the social determinants of health and how they contribute to elevated levels of chronic stress which alter brain development and consequently cause higher mortality rate. She is a Summer CRASSH presenter!
  • Katarina Gustin

    Katarina Gustin

    Katarina Gustin is a third year student and has been published as a second author in She focuses her research in studying the effects of THC in pregnant rats.

  • Lee Diego Lacasa

    Lee Diego Lacasa

    Lee Diego participated in the 2020 Virtual Summer Research Program and was a Genentech scholar. Lee's research examines Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC2s) and their contributing roles towards the progression of allergic airway diseases and asthma pathology. Learn how he has been perservering through his research during COVID-19.
  • Maribel Patiño

    Maribel Patiño

    Maribel was awarded the Paul and Daisy Soros Scholarship. She is a graduate student studying Neuroscience in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and is dedicated to helping undergraduate minority students apply to Grad schools through the UC San Diego organization, Colors of the Brain.

  • Mische Holland

    Mische Holland

    For third-year student Mische Holland, an unexpected turn of events leads to a new and better path.

  • Narinderbir Singh

    Narinderbir Singh

    Narin is a second-year undergraduate student conducting research about protein quality control pathways. He has been involved in the URS and TRELS programs and is committed to pursuing a future in Biological Sciences research.

  • Sam Figueroa

    Sam Figueroa

    Sam is an undergraduate student conducting research in Nanoengineering. He has been involved in several undergrad research programs and is passionate about pursuing research in his career.

  • Stephanie Li

    Stephanie Li

    Undergraduate Research Scholar Stephanie Li loves ecological research and fieldwork.

  • Taylor Cambell

    Taylor Cambell

    Sociology major Taylor Campbell's research investigates largely unrecognized barriers to mental healthcare.