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Animesh Mohapatra



Hi, I'm Animesh!

I'm a 3rd year in Sixth College. I am majoring in Nanoengineering.



Program Participation

UC Scholars  (Summer 2020 Scholar)


Area of research

Since the end of my freshman year I have been a part of Dr. Liangfang Zhang's Nanomaterials and Nanomedicine Research Group. Here, I have taken part in multiple projects which aim to increase the effectiveness of various therapies such as drugs and genes by using innovative membrane-coated, biomimetic nanoparticles. These nanoparticles offer vastly improved abilities to avoid unnecessary clearance by the immune system while remaining biocompatible. Furthermore, they offer new opportunities for targeted delivery, and many other applications.

Why and how I got into research?

I realized I wanted to pursue a PhD fairly early into college, but I also realized that I neither knew what researchers did, nor did I have any specific topic I would be willing to dedicate many years of my life to. However, I have always wanted to contribute towards finding solutions for antimicrobial resistant microbes, because they are going to be a significant threat to humanity in the coming decades. Once I established that area of study as a goal, I was able to determine what skills I would need, and what potential contributions I could make. Given these pieces of information, I decided to search for labs which will not only provide me with the necessary skills for fighting drug resistant microbes, but also allow me to interact with people of diverse skill-sets. Fortunately, I have found an excellent lab group where I am able to learn and mature.

Future plans/goals

I am definitely aiming to get a PhD, hopefully focusing on nanotherapeutics against antimicrobial resistance. If I achieve that, I would also like to design and develop unique tools which fight drug resistant microbes in the real world, not just the lab. I would like to build a career around innovative, but also practical research which can cheaply and easily reach large numbers of the human population.

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